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Welcome to Puzzleblox!

  Cubey, the main hero, has been defeated and his emerald has been stolen! What's even worse than that is he was knocked all the way back to World 1! Play through 52 challenging levels to get back to where you were and retrieve Cubey's emerald! Stuck on a level? Don't worry! All levels in a world are unlocked from the start to make sure you never feel upset and stuck on a level. Collect hidden Cubey Pops as you go and set off on a fun journey in... Puzzleblox!


Press the L+R Keys to move Cubey around. Press the up key to climb ladders. It's as simple as that! 

Install instructions

Hi! When playing this game, all that is required is that you extract the files. Thank you for downloading my game!


Puzzleblox v1.0.zip 27 MB
HalloweenLevel Version 1.4.zip 32 MB


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why i can move with arrows and with a and d but a and d doesn't trigger animation

A and D aren't supposed to be the moving buttons, so I didn't add animation. Unity does this thing where key configuration for moving is both the L+R keys and A+D, and there's no way to undo it so I had to leave it as is. Hopefully you'll enjoy the game using the L+R Arrows :)